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Andre Agassi

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Andre Agassi

Today’s birthday boy, Andre Agassi, provides an interesting example of what can go wrong when a Taurean is not comfortable in his own skin.  His recent autobiography, “Open,” made shocking revelations about the superstar’s drug use.  However, what was more shocking was Agassi’s admission that he was wearing a wig for part of his career.

For good or bad, self-indulgence can define this sign.  When that sense of self-indulgence begins to have an impact upon the personal appearance of a Taurus individual, it usually isn’t manifested in a particularly attractive manner.  Some signs do “fake” with flair, while others do not.  Of all the zodiac signs, I’d say that Taurus does it the worst.  The fact that I all I could think about while watching the 1990 French Open final was pulling Andre Agassi’s wig off of his head proves that point — and I didn’t even know it was a wig!  What was he thinking?


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April 29, 2010 at 9:15 am

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