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Kirsten Dunst

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Kirsten Dunst

It doesn’t surprise me that today’s birthday girl, Kirsten Dunst, has been the big screen’s most-memorable girl-next-door of the past decade or so.  As Mary Jane Watson in the “Spiderman” trilogy, Dunst deserves some credit for the success of the series that has grossed over $2.5 billion worldwide.

I’m always claiming that the best-dressed Taurus women have a girl-next-door charm.  I pinched this image of Dunst at a recent premiere from a site that calls the dress “an ugly nightgown” (click the link above to read more).  If anyone is going to get away looking good in a such a cutesy dress, it’s a gorgeous Taurus girl like Kirsten Dunst.  It fits her beautifully and shows off her figure without making her look like she’s trying too hard to be sexy.  If she likes pretty, flowery things, that’s fine with me.  Now if I saw this dress on an Aries girl, I might be singing a different tune.


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