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David Beckham

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Posh & Becks

I suppose it’s difficult to assess what David Beckham’s personal style is because he’s always styled.  I sense that his wife has a lot of input when it comes to what he wears.

Victoria Beckham is an Aries.  David Beckham — today’s birthday boy — is a Taurus.  That’s not the best sun sign combo in my opinion, but relationships don’t live and die based upon sun signs.  An individual’s sense of self-expression, however, is strongly affected by the placement of the sun in the natal chart.  In a romantic pairing, Taurus would naturally defer to Aries in most matters, including fashion.  Aries is bossy and Taurus is placid.

I’m not saying that Victoria Beckham wears the pants in this relationship, but I am saying that she picks them out.


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May 2, 2010 at 8:11 am

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