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Christina Hendricks

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Christina Hendricks

As I’ve generalized about the style of those individuals born with a Taurus sun sign, I’ve mentioned the “girl next door” over and over again.  I suppose that it makes sense to point out that today’s birthday girl, Christina Hendricks, was recently voted the “Best-Looking Woman in America” by the readers of “Esquire” magazine.

Hendricks is a perfect example of what makes a Taurus woman sexy.  Even though her zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess herself, there’s something down-to-earth about her sexuality that makes her seem attainable.  Contrast that with a woman born when the sun was in the opposite sign, Scorpio.  Grace Kelly, for instance, became an icon of Scorpio style by appearing unattainable.

I’m sure not every Taurus woman wants to be the girl next door when she could be the alternative (who wouldn’t want to look like Grace Kelly?), but it is natural for a Taurus woman to thrive on the attention of men.  A lot of men prefer the attainable over the unattainable.  It’s something to consider when you’re getting dressed.


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