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Josie Maran

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Josie Maran

Today’s birthday girl, Josie Maran, made a career for herself as a model even though she’s only 5’6″.  Her girl-next-door looks landed her on the covers of dozens of major magazines and in campaigns for Guess? jeans and Maybelline cosmetics.

Maran possesses the sweet, non-threatening sexuality that I often associate with the sign of Taurus.  Sometimes, however, that sort of demeanor doesn’t resonate with the public as much as a more-aggressive manner.  On season five of “Dancing with the Stars,” the model was the first star eliminated from the show.  Fittingly, she was the proverbial “bull in a china shop,” with legs that didn’t cooperate with her upper body.

Sure, there have been plenty of elegant Taurus women in show business, but this isn’t typically a sign that is associated with poise.  Anyway, as an astrologer, I would look to the rising sign to determine whether or not someone carries themselves with elegance.  I’ve always maintained that the sun sign rules over an individual’s sense of self-expression, and that the rising sign determines the outward mannerisms of an individual.


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