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Linda Evangelista

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Linda Evangelista

Like Audrey Hepburn, Linda Evangelista is a product of the people who have created an image for her.

Hepburn’s collaboration with Hubert de Givenchy endowed her with a signature style that belied the essence of her sun sign.  Evangelista’s collaborations with designers, photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists made her into “the chameleon” of fashion; a model who constantly earned praise for changing her look.

One of the worst fashion crimes that Taureans commit on a regular basis is getting stuck in a rut.  They’re hardly the chameleons of the zodiac.  Geminis, on the other hand, take on that role with aplomb.  I doubt that Evangelista would have chosen a similar modus operandi if she wasn’t so interested in making money as a model.  But her Taurean tenacity earned her a place at the top of her profession and a career that is still going strong more than thirty years after she entered the business.


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