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Notes on a New Moon

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New Moon

Not that new moon.  The one in the sky!

Today’s new moon in Taurus marks a great day for starting a new budget, coming to grips with self-indulgent behavior that impacts your appearance and choosing more productive ways to rest and relax — choosing yoga or pilates instead of the couch, for instance.  All signs can benefit from the slow and steady influence of the Taurus new moon.  Just don’t stand your ground over something that means nothing.  It won’t work, and if you’re obnoxious today you’ll be paid back in kind.

With Saturn stationary in Virgo, however, you also may be inclined to second-guess the practicality of your decisions, especially if you’re an earth sign.  You’re probably on the right track.  Mercury has just ended it’s retrograde cycle, and information is flowing more freely.  Let it flow.  Don’t make rash decisions, but also don’t let paranoia keep you from moving forward during this brief phase.  Events that held you back last autumn may be on your mind, but it’s time to leave the past in the past.


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