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David Byrne

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David Byrne

Sometimes it’s difficult to separate the performer from the person.  Take David Byrne, for example.  Today’s birthday boy never once gave me a Taurus vibe when I was into his music some thirty years ago.  I remember this big suit.  That’s conceptual fashion at its best.  In other words, it’s something a Virgo would wear well.

I come across a few of these anomalies when I’m looking up Taurus birthdays.  Cher, for instance, puzzles me because the character she portrays onstage is the antithesis of Taurus style.  Offstage, however, she’s a Taurus through and through.  When she is photographed outside of her milieu, she’s usually in jeans and T-shirts.  Careful to control her image, though, she’s rarely photographed out of character.

When David Byrne was at the height of his success with the Talking Heads, I suppose he was playing a character.  But I do get the idea that this character was a lot closer to the man we actually saw on stage.  Without knowing much about Byrne and his personal life, I have to say that he doesn’t do anything to lend credence to my theories about fashion and sun sign astrology.


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