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Tessa Virtue

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Tessa Virtue

I first met Olympic gold medallist Jamie Salé at my gym.  She discovered that I was writing horoscopes for a living, and she had plenty of questions about astrology.  For that reason, I knew she was a Taurus.

While I was looking at today’s celebrity birthdays, I found out that 2010 medallist Tessa Virtue is also a Taurus.  That got me thinking about the other two Canadian women who have won Olympic gold: Barbara-Ann Scott (1948) and Barb Wagner (1960).  Guess what?  They’re both Tauruses, too.

The chance of any one sign repeating that feat is 1 in 20736.  I know I’m supposed to be writing about fashion and astrology, but I had to put that aside today to point out this uncanny statistic.  It seems that your odds of succeeding as a Canadian figure skating champion are much improved if you’re a Taurus.


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May 17, 2010 at 7:54 am

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