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Pierre Balmain

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Pierre Balmain

I suppose that people today will associate Pierre Balmain with the wretched company that bears his name.  However, I associate today’s birthday boy with the craftsmanship of haute couture.  Just off the top of my head, I can name a couple more Taurus couturiers: Valentino and Lacroix.

Ruled by Venus, the sign of Taurus has a natural connection with beauty.  I guess that a well-aspected Taurus sun would endow an individual with the ability to apply their innate good taste in a very tenacious manner.  A Taurus can focus on one thing for what might seem like an eternity.  If you’re hand sewing hundreds of bugle beads onto silk taffeta, that’s a quality that might come in handy.

Although I don’t believe that Pierre Balmain represented Taurus style with his best work, his designs do confirm my theory that many of the best designers create fashions for the sign that rules their solar fifth house.  Balmain was modern, conceptual and detail oriented — all qualities that relate to Virgo.


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