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Today’s birthday girl typifies a lot of what of been saying over the past month since the sun entered Taurus.  This is the sign of casual comfort, luxurious indulgence and innate, natural beauty.  Now I would use every one of those phrases to describe Cher and her sense of style if I wasn’t trying to describe Cher the performer.

Offstage she’s a totally different person that she is onstage.  Practically every time I see a candid shot of Cher, she’s got her hair down and she’s wearing jeans.  That’s the Taurus in Cher.  Every time I see her onstage, on the other hand, she’s decked out like a theme park.  I attribute that to her moon in Capricorn and Mars in Leo in the second house.  She’s also got what’s called a “bucket style” chart, with the moon sticking out like a handle.  That formation gives significant power to her Capricorn moon and it endows her with the ability to make money by selling her image as a commodity.  The image she chooses to sell, however, isn’t necessarily a reflection of her personal style.  It’s far more calculated than that.  Cher knows how to make money by becoming a larger-than-life caricature.

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May 20, 2010 at 9:42 am

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