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Tomorrow marks the first of three exact oppositions between Jupiter and Saturn that will occur between now and March 2011.  Since this cycle of events only occurs once every twenty years, I’d like to discuss it in the context of fashion astrology.

The last time one of these opposition cycles pulled fashion in two directions was around 1990 — a particularly heterogeneous time in fashion.  80s-style excess was reaching a fever pitch.  The street styles of hip hop, post-punk and grunge were making inroads into high fashion, fueling the “antifashion” movement.  While the 90s may be remembered for minimalism, the early 90s were anything but minimal.  It was a cacaphonous, discordant era.

Likewise, 1970 was also a mess.  I like to use the 1969 film “Sweet Charity” as a shining example of how fashion was all over the map as the 70s began.  Contrast the high-octane glitz of the “dance hall hostesses” with double-knit daywear, the ultra-mod club kids and the antifashion styles of the hippies in the film, and the film stands up as an archive to one of fashion’s most-diverse eras.

With this Jupiter/Saturn opposition, we’re back to this sort of uncertain time in fashion.  While some critics are lauding Phoebe Philo’s minimal turn at Celine, others (like me) are praising Anna Sui for making maximalism cool.  In the meantime, we’re taking fashion cues from Lady Gaga the cast of “Sex and the City 2” — women who are renowned for acting (and dressing) like drag queens.

Take it from me: We haven’t seen the end of this aspect’s influence.  Fashion is going to get more fragmented before it begins to consolidate again.  We’re looking at one side of spectrum, and it’s a rainbow-colored mess.  Enjoy it while lasts.


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May 22, 2010 at 11:03 am

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