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Naomi Campbell

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Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell represents the sign of Gemini like almost no other celebrity born under this sign does.  Today’s birthday girl is the epitome of duality.

I’ve heard the good and bad traits of Gemini described as two sides of the same coin, but I don’t believe that description is apt.  You can only see one side of a coin at a time.  With a Gemini individual, both sides are always staring you in the face.  And while they’re staring at you, it’s difficult to tell which is which.  There’s very little distinction between the good and the bad.

As far as her sense of style is concerned, Campbell makes a perfect muse for designers because she has that eternally youthful quality that fashion is always trying to capture (or recapture).  Fashion is driven by a mercurial spirit that’s always on the move but never too far away.  Naomi Campbell has been a part of the collective consciousness for more than two decades now.  Not only does she look as gorgeous as she did the day she started modeling, but she also doesn’t look like she’s going away very soon.


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