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Tarsem & Jennifer Lopez

I believe it’s difficult to be a Gemini man who expresses himself through fashion in a typically Gemini fashion.  The styles that epitomize a Gemini woman can be rather conspicuous on a man.  For instance, when people ask me to name a male icon of Gemini style, I usually refer to Prince or Boy George.  I understand why most men wouldn’t be eager to embrace a similar signature style.  The word “trendsetter” is sometimes synonymous with “dresses-like-a-homosexual” in our society.

So when I discover that someone like Tarsem is a Gemini, I’m not surprised.  Almost twenty years ago, the music video director set trends in the medium that changed the way the world looked at music videos.  Anyone who was around at the time can’t deny the cultural significance of R.E.M.’sLosing My Religion” or En Vogue’sHold On.”

This is the sign of the trendsetter.  Some Geminis can keep it up for years and years, while others find that success can be as capricious as their own personalities.  Today’s birthday boy does have a film in production that is rumored to be a potential blockbuster.  Two decades ago this Gemini changed the way we looked at video.  Will Tarsem be able to do it again?  Only time will tell.


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May 26, 2010 at 8:43 am

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