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Christine Jorgensen

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Christine Jorgensen

I would never describe one particular sun sign as bisexual.  But when it comes to blurring the lines between the genders with fashion, only two signs seem to do it with aplomb: Gemini and Pisces.

Since I began writing about fashion and astrology, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of Gemini celebrities who can “go both ways.”  Still, I was surprised to discover that the world’s first well-known transexual, today’s birthday girl Christine Jorgensen, was a Gemini.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that this is a sign that I don’t expect to see going under the knife for the sake of hypersexualition.  I believe that there are other motives that drive Geminis to get cosmetic surgery.  What I find interesting about Jorgensen is that she had entirely different motives to undergo her sex change than many other individuals who have had the surgery.  She was an “underdeveloped man,” bordering on the hermaphroditic.

Perhaps it would be easier to straddle that line in today’s society, but in the 1950s, Jorgensen felt as if she had to decide which sex to be.  I wouldn’t call that hypersexualization.  Picking a side doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve gone to extremes.  Even as a woman, Jorgensen didn’t become a parody of womankind like so many transexuals do.


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