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Zachary Quinto

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Zachary Quinto

Today’s birthday boy, Zachary Quinto, doesn’t strike me as typical representative of Gemini style.  If I had to guess what sign he was, I’d probably guess Capricorn.

The interesting thing about that is that there’s a famous book that combines astrology and numerology called “The Secret Language of Birthdays.”  In Quinto’s case, his Gemini birthday has a Saturn/Capricorn influence; he was born on an “8” day.  Perhaps that’s where I get the Capricorn vibe.  Or there may be other factors in his chart that keep him dressed in a classic Capricorn color scheme.

At any rate, I’ll be the first person to admit that my theories about sun-sign astrology and fashion aren’t foolproof.  There’s always someone around like Zachary Quinto who makes me feel as if I need to go back to the drawing board.


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June 2, 2010 at 8:49 am

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