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Salvatore Ferragamo

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Salvatore Ferragamo

Today’s birthday boy, footwear designer Salvatore Ferragamo, was one of those designers whose work epitomized the aesthetic ideals of his zodiac sign.  His Wikipedia biography reads “Ferragamo was always recognized as a visionary, and his designs ranged from the strikingly bizarre objet d’art to the traditionally elegant, often serving as the main inspiration to other footwear designers of his time and beyond.”

Of all the signs, Geminis should be the best at making the innovative seem contemporary.  Even as he dabbled in “traditional” styles, Ferragamo continued to innovate by making his signature work available and wearable.  I wouldn’t necessarily describe the Gemini impulse as “visionary” (a term I might use in reference to an Aquarian or a Sagittarian), however I would describe it as “prescient.”  There’s something about this sign that endows its natives with see what’s right around the corner rather than far into the future.  That’s why they are the zodiac’s trendsetters.  Ferragamo was no exception.


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