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Joan Rivers

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Joan Rivers

I worship Joan Rivers.  She’s my favorite person in show business and the celebrity I’d most like to meet in real life.  I saw her in a concert a few months ago and realized that they were allowing people to linger by the stage to meet Joan after the show.  By then there was an insurmountable crowd swarming the wings, so it was pointless for me to even try to meet my idol.  I consoled myself by remembering that Joan had actually mentioned me once during a segment on The Shopping Channel.  How many of those schlubs waiting for autographs could say that?

Anyway, Joan is the epitome of Gemini style.  Colorful, capricious, youthful, fearless, on-trend — there’s nothing about the way this woman dresses that is old.  I’ve been calling her the best-dressed woman in show business for as long as I’ve been writing about fashion.  Sure, there are people like Daphne Guinness and Kate Moss who get more headlines as style icons, but those headlines are written for the fashionista and by the fashionista.  I swear that if anyone else in pop culture had to go up against Joan head-to-head, that the popular vote would go her way.

But for now I’ll have to be the one who lavishes her with the praise she deserves as a style icon.  That’s okay with me.  The rest of you can have your idols.  I’m happy to have mine all to myself.


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June 8, 2010 at 8:17 am

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