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Paula Abdul

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Paula Abdul

Just out of curiousity, I looked up Paula Abdul’s birth chart.  I was surprised to discover that today’s birthday girl has her natal moon in Capricorn.  It’s in a weak position in her third house, but in a sign known for its steadiness, nonetheless.  Her Gemini sun, on the other hand, is right up at the top of her chart in her ninth house.

I guess Paula’s strong Gemini sun is the defining factor of her chart.  Her relatively unaspected moon in the Gemini-ruled third house is sort of an inconsequential factor in the chart of a woman who appears to be tremendously emotional.  What this tells me is that Paula is likely a lot more self-aware than she appears to be on TV.  With Mercury also in Gemini, she’s as flaky and as flighty as they come, but I suppose she knows that better than anyone else.

Another surprise came when I discovered that she’s forty-eight-years-old today.  I’ve spent the last month discussing how Gemini is the sign of eternal youth.  Paula Abdul is a perfect example of that.  She looks great!


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June 19, 2010 at 8:41 am

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