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Jane Russell

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Jane Russell

If I had to guess what sign Jane Russell was, I would guess Cancer.  But I know that she’s a Gemini born about twelve hours too early to be a Cancer.  So I looked up her chart online, something that I wasn’t able to do when I wrote my book more than ten years ago.  It seems that today’s birthday girl not only has her Mercury in Cancer, but also her ascendant.

That makes a lot of sense to me.  Cancer is the zodiac sign associated with the boobs.  I was first introduced to Jane Russell because of her ads for “Cross Your Heart” bras in the 70s.  For that reason, I always associated her with her rack.  But when I finally saw a couple of her films, she didn’t really fit the Cancer profile.  She certainly didn’t seem maternal in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.”  In fact, her co-star Marilyn Monroe was also a Gemini.  They really played two sides of the same coin in the movie.

I’ve always maintained that the ascendant is responsible for things like mannerisms.  To get a Cancer vibe from Jane Russell makes sense, but it makes even more sense to look at the actress closely and realize that her outgoing personality contradicts many of the qualities that I associate with the sign.

It makes me wish I had the luxury of online charts a decade ago.  The Internet has made the world a different place!


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