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Cyndi Lauper

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Cyndi Lauper

Yesterday I mentioned that the world of the worldwide web has made it much easier for someone like me to confirm the birthdates of celebritries in order to evaluate their natal charts.  For instance, I was never actually sure if Jane Russell was a Gemini or a Cancer.  The odds were about three-to-one in favor of Gemini, but without any evidence I avoided discussing the actress.  I didn’t want to stick my foot in my mouth.

So imagine how I felt this morning when I discovered that I’ve had Cyndi Lauper’s birthday wrong for years.  It wasn’t my fault.  I took it out of another astrology book which I won’t mention because the author of that title probably was in the same boat as me.  We trusted a source that proved to be incorrect.

The problem wasn’t that I made a mistake.  Everyone makes mistakes.  It was the magnitude of my mistake.  I kept using Cyndi Lauper as an example of Gemini style.  When she first broke out on the scene in the 80s, she demonstrated some definite Gemini traits, especially with her hair color.  In retrospect, I can see the Cancer influence in the thrift-store style she made fashionable.  Cancer rules over nostalgia, after all.  Gemini is far more fashion-forward.

In recent years, Lauper hasn’t been seen in anything but black, and that makes a lot of sense; those crabs love their basic black.  In my book I warn Cancer natives against wearing head-to-toe black every day of every week of every year.  I encourage them to lighten up.  Lauper does maintain hairstyles that help to keep her look light.  As a woman in her fifties, she really does fit the profile of a well-dressed Cancer.

But what about that mouth?  When I watched Lauper on the “Celebrity Apprentice,” I got the Gemini vibe from her because of the way she wouldn’t shut up.  But she only has one planet in Gemini: Jupiter.  I have Jupiter in Gemini, and although I can go on and on and on, I attribute that to my blabby third-house sun.  I can’t determine Lauper’s house positions because I don’t have her birth time, so it would be pointless for me to speculate about where her sun sits in her chart.  I just know that she’s like me in one other respect: She talks a hundred miles a minute, but then clams up for the next couple of hours.  There’s no middle ground with the way she communicates.  I have a strong Cancer moon in my chart.  Is that a Cancer trait that I’ve never really researched before?  Do we only have two speeds when we’ve got something to say?

I do know that I was a little surprised by Lauper’s emotional outbursts on the “Apprentice.”  The previous season’s winner, Joan Rivers, is a Gemini, and so is the show’s host, Donald Trump.  Although they could get in plenty of screaming matches on the show, neither seemed to take anything as personally as Cyndi did.  Now that certainly defines her as a Cancer.

I should have seen it all along.  The writing was on the wall.  I’m often the first person to admit that there are celebrity charts that I can’t get my head around.  This one, however, was just an oversight.  I’m embarrassed by my lack of due diligence.  Oh well, at least I wasn’t the only one who got it wrong.

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