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I often discourage Cancer individuals from following the trends.  Cancers have a reserved nature that is rooted in their desire to protect themselves from harm.  Sometimes that can translate into a conservative wardrobe.  When it doesn’t, Cancers just want to wear what everyone else is wearing.  That would be fine if they weren’t so moody, but being moody can result in some odd fashion choices.

Cancer natives who dress according to their moods can appear to be bipolar.  There’s just no consistency to their wardrobes as they swing wildly from style to style.  When today’s birthday boy, George Michael, first found success with Wham! in the early 80s, his sense of style was all over the place.  As a result, looking through photos of his early career offers more laughs than style tips.

Almost everyone looks terrible through the eyes of the subsequent generation; I understand that.  But every once in a while the pendulum swings back to where it was and someone who has been around for a long time (like George Michael) becomes a fashion icon as the new generation embraces the old.  However, I don’t believe that’s going to happen with George Michael because there was no particular style to his wardrobe to define his early career.

Eventually he figured it out.  He looks good nowadays.  A little conservative, perhaps, but good, nonetheless.


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June 25, 2010 at 6:43 am

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