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Chris Isaak

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Chris Isaak

I find it intriguing that singer Chris Isaak is a Cancer.  Cancer is the sign of nostalgia, and Isaak’s stage wardrobe could have been pulled right off the set of “Classic Country,” the television show I mentioned a few posts back when I discussed June Carter Cash.

I don’t advise most Cancers to run out to the thrift store to buy their wardrobes.  Dressing in a retro style is an art form best left to Scorpios (who can make what’s old new again), and Capricorns (who know exactly when a trend is ready to make a comeback).  Cancers, on the other hand, tend to look back at the past with rose-colored glasses.  They wear retro clothing because of a mood or a feeling they associate with a particular style.

Chris Isaak is a performer, so he can get away with that.  He probably watched the same TV shows I did as a kid, and it’s likely that his style of dress onstage is an emotional tribute to the performers he idolized.  I’m not sure if he would get away with his signature style if he wasn’t a performer, but I don’t believe that he would want to.  Cancers are also on the sensitive side, and they take negative criticism of their appearance quite poorly.  It’s lucky for Chris Issak that he looks great doing what he’s doing.  He doesn’t need to change a thing.


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