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Vera Wang

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Vera Wang

I’m find Vera Wang very intriguing.  I didn’t really take her seriously as a designer when she first started out because I hate wedding dresses almost as much as a hate weddings.  Yet as her brand developed beyond just a special occasion label, I got to know a little more about the woman herself.  She’s quite fascinating!

But since she’s today’s birthday girl, I should be discussing her in terms of her zodiac sign: Cancer.  Wang does dress like a Cancer, but does she design like one?

Yeah, sort of.  The wedding dress is actually a Libra garment.  Libra, with its association with the seventh house, rules over partnerships like weddings.  Brides themselves, however, are associated with Cancer, as are any fertile, nubile women.  In my book, I advise Cancer women to avoid dressing as if their raison d’être is to mate with the first man they can get their hands on.  I also tell them that they should avoid dressing in a matronly manner, because many Cancer women overreact to their innate sexuality by creating a persona that is decidely unsexy.

Wang exhibits both of these characteristics.  As a wedding dress designer, she works with bodices and corsetry to craft garments that appeal to the most basic notions of what a sexually attractive, nubile woman should look like.  As a ready-to-wear designer and a former fashion editor she occasionally treads into the territory of conceptual fashion: Possibly the least-sexually attractive style known to mankind.  Women who work at fashion magazines might adore the editorial edge of conceptual fashion, but it can be rather repellant to the opposite sex.

Cancer women need to find the middle ground between these two styles.  With every season, Vera Wang’s label is getting closer to reinventing this ideal.  She’s not exactly designing for Pamela Anderson, but she’s not designing for herself, either.  I don’t believe she’s a master of the genre when I compare her to her fellow Cancer, Giorgio Armani, but she’s getting better with every collection she sends down the runway.


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