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Paul Smith

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Paul Smith

I’m surprised that British designer Paul Smith is a Cancer.  His design aesthetic aligns with the “anything goes” nature of Pisces.  Known for classically-tailored garments paired with contrasting prints, Smith has built a fashion empire as a mixmaster.  While that tradition is almost as British as Savile Row itself, it isn’t necessarily what I would expect from a Cancer designer.

I’ve already mentioned a couple of Cancer desginers: Vera Wang and Giorgio Armani.  Today’s birthday boy differs from his fellow Cancers most obviously in his use of prints and color.  Without an accurate birthtime, however, I’m reluctant to explain why he doesn’t fit into my grand scheme of things.  I often note that many designers create clothing for the sign that rules their solar fifth house.  That elemental relationship could also extend to the ninth house in Smith’s case.  Rather than designing for the sign he finds attractive (Scorpio), he designs where he sees an opportunity to expand his own horizons (Pisces).

But without a natal chart, I’m grasping at straws.  I guess I can’t know everything.


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