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Nancy Reagan

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Nancy Reagan & Friends

I always believed that Nancy Reagan’s personal style was a little too hard.  From the helmet hair to the sequins and beads to the large-scale jewelry she wore, the former First Lady struck me as aloof.

I remember how fashionable she was at the time according to the mainstream press, but I didn’t get it.  Here was this scrawny little bird in crusty Nolan Miller columns.  She looked like a lollipop.

Looking back, I do see that she wore a lot of great clothes, but maybe they were great clothes for someone else.  I still believe that she needed to soften up her look in order to give herself an aura of accessibility.  Cancer women are warm-hearted — even when they’re dealing in tough love — but Nancy Reagan’s look was never warm.

Now if she was an Aries, I’d be singing a different tune; she dressed very well for an Aries woman.  However, when I think of an Aries woman who would have worn Nancy Reagan’s wardrobe well, I think of Joan Crawford — not exactly the ideal woman to act as the “mother” of the nation.  And therein lies my problem with Nancy Reagan . . .


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