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Pierre Cardin

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Pierre Cardin

Like Paul Smith (whom I blogged about a couple of days ago), Pierre Cardin does not give me a Cancer vibe.  Also like Smith, however, Cardin started off as a suitmaker who branched out into ready-to-wear fashion.  I guess I do expect a Cancer designer to be classically trained.  I just don’t expect them to make a fortune designing clothing that doesn’t fit into what I believe is the aesthetic of their sign.

Nevertheless, when I think of the sign of Cancer, I don’t think about the future.  Pierre Cardin’s greatest success came with his space-age looks of the sixties — a look that seems more Aquarian to me.  One thing that I do notice, though, while looking through his archives is the helmet.  Wow, this guy loved to put women in helmet-like hats!

I’ve written a few posts over the past couple of weeks about Cancer women and helmet hair.  It’s funny that a designer whose name is synonymous with chic helmets is a Cancer.  Maybe he’s a better example of his sign than I first believed.


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