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Sela Ward

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Sela Ward

A few years ago Sela Ward wore this Valentino number to the Golden Globes.  I was on TV the next day claiming that July 11th’s birthday girl was the worst-dressed celebrity at the event.  She reminded me of that mozzarella cheese that comes wrapped up in red cellophane, and “cheesy” is not a look I associate with a Cancer woman.

A few years after that Claudia Schiffer wore the same dress at a now famous Valentino retrospective.  Everyone was gushing about the dress.  Everyone but me, that is.  I could still remember how much I hated it the first time.

In my book I claim that the Valentino brand suits a Leo woman.  On a Cancer like Sela Ward, it’s just all wrong.  Yesterday I mentioned that Ken Paves seems to influence Jessica Simpson to wear styles that only a Leo like him would love, and that’s all wrong, too.  I guess I can spot a Cancer woman trying to dress like a Leo from a mile away.


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