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James Cagney

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James Cagney

Today’s birthday boy, James Cagney, reminds me a lot of yesterday’s birthday girl, Barbara Stanwyck.  I’ve always maintained that Cancer individuals make the best actors.  The stars endow them with emotional depth and measured self-control — two qualities that make can make an actor exceptional.

Although both Cagney and Stanwyck played a lot of characters, they were most-famous for being hard on the outside and soft on the inside.  I get a lot of flack for stereotyping Cancer natives in this manner, especially with the wishy-washy types who only want to be known for their nurturing nature and emotional sensitivity.  However, I still believe that most Cancer individuals are innately defensive and overprotective of themselves and those they love.  And like a mother grizzly bear protecting her cubs, they’ll rip you to shreds if they feel threatened by you.

Translated into fashion, that quality can manifest itself into a classic style.  Wearing classic clothing, like Cagney’s classic suits, is a defense against ridicule.  If there’s nothing to criticize, no one gets hurt.  It might not be the zodiac’s most-exciting style, but it definitely serves a purpose.


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