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Oscar de la Renta

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Oscar de la Renta

I get a Leo vibe from the work of renowned designer Oscar de la Renta.  However, for today’s birthday boy to be a Leo, he would have had to be born after 9:38 PM.  That makes it about a one-in-eight chance that he’s a Leo and not a Cancer — not the best odds.

Nevertheless, de la Renta does have both Mercury and Jupiter in Leo.  I don’t know his rising sign because I have no accurate time of birth, but either of those planets could be personalized if he had Leo rising or on the midheaven.

Furthermore, like Karl Lagerfeld and a few other designers, Lagerfeld could excel designing for the sign where his negative-polarity sun is expressed in its postive form (Virgo to Gemini in Lagerfeld’s case, or Cancer to Leo in de la Renta’s case).  I like this idea better because de la Renta seems like a Cancer but designs like a Leo, just as Karl is definitely a Virgo designing for Chanel, a label that epitomizes Gemini style.

The idea of these polarities intrigues me more than any other concept in astrology.  Traditionally, polarities were an important part of understanding signs.  You had Leo/Cancer, Gemini/Virgo, Libra/Taurus, Aries/Scorpio, Sagittarius/Pisces and Aquarius/Capricorn.  Each pair was ruled by one planet expressed in either a positive or negative polarity.  Modern astrology threw that out the window when the outer planets became responsible for three of those signs.  While I agree in the sub-influences that these outer planet impart, I don’t treat them as sign rulers.  I regret that I ever did.  I bought into the claptrap that modern astrologers made up to feed their own egos.  No one needed to mess up a system that was thousands of years old, and the fact that they believed they were important enough to do so should have been a red flag for someone as smart as me.  Every day I kick myself for including modern astrology rulerships in my book.  If I rewrote it tomorrow, it would be the first thing I would change.


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