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When people first discover that I’m an astrologer, I often get bombarded with relationship questions.  While it’s fun to talk about sun signs in relation to romance, there are plenty of other aspects to consider.

Nevertheless, I often answer those questions with the most obvious generalization that comes to mind.  For instance, when people ask me what sign is compatible with Leo, I usually mention one of the fire signs.  Still, whenever I talk about celebrity relationships involving Leos, the first couple to come to my mind is Iman and David Bowie.

I wouldn’t have bet on the staying power of this relationship, but it’s lasted a long, long time.  Perhaps it works because both Leos and Capricorns have huge egos, yet both signs are willing to share their thrones.  The only sign I can think of with a comparable ego is Aries, and they don’t like to share.

In theory, it shouldn’t work.  In practice, it seems to be all right.  By show business standards, it’s about as stable as a relationship gets.


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July 25, 2010 at 8:23 am

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