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Mick Jagger

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Mick Jagger

It’s no surprise that today’s birthday boy, Mick Jagger, is a Leo.  Leos thrive on being the center of attention.  However, they’re also terrific at sharing the spotlight.  Jagger’s relationship with Keith Richards is one of the most successful and most enduring partnerships in show business.

Jagger fits the bill as a Leo with his looks.  He’s got a shaggy mane of hair and a catlike prowl that has become his signature onstage.  But it’s his ability to work well with others that defines him as a Leo.  You wouldn’t see that sort of loyalty to a group from an Aries like Diana Ross or a Virgo like Beyonce.  Some people just need to have the spotlight all to themselves.  Leos, on the other hand, can be the star of the show without sacrificing their entourage or slamming the door on creative collaborations.


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