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Diana Vreeland

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Diana Vreeland

Leos are the supreme rulers of the zodiac.  If they don’t want to follow the rules, they make new rules.

Famed fashion editor Diana Vreeland, today’s birthday girl, was known for making up her own rules.  As the most influential figure in American fashion for decades, Vreeland was the Anna Wintour of her generation.  The biggest difference between the two women, however, is that Vreeland was beloved rather than feared.  In the 1957 film “Funny Face,” the character of Maggie Prescott was inspired by Vreeland.  She was no Miranda Priestly — if you know what I mean.

No one else can get away with acting as if they are the center of the universe quite like a Leo can.  We not only tolerate outrageous behaviour, but we encourage it with our celebrity worship.  When a Scorpio acts in a similar manner (Anna Wintour, for example), we demonize her behaviour and turn her into a movie monster.

It must be nice to be a Leo!


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