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Yves Saint Laurent

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Yves Saint Laurent

I remember walking through South Coast Plaza in the very early 90s past a Rive Gauche boutique.  I stopped for a moment to look inside at all the completely irrelevant store stock.  Grunge, hip hop and the House of Ninja were competing for my attention at the time, and the Yves Saint Laurent brand was a nothing more than a relic.  Still, I picked up a rhinestone-encrusted YSL logo pin and thought about buying it just to own it (I wouldn’t wear such a thing).  I’m not a fan of logos whatsoever, but something about this lapel pin seemed to transcend branding.  It was a lovely, little treasure.

I didn’t buy it, and twenty years later I’m still kicking myself.  Yves Saint Laurent, today’s birthday boy, was iconic and so were his initials.  They’ve become synonymous with style.  I wish I would have appreciated that fact when I was twenty years younger.

Anyway, like a few of the people I’ve discussed since the sun moved into Leo (Jackie O. and Diana Vreeland specifically), Saint Laurent occupies another plane altogether when compared with his peers.  Only Coco Chanel’s name is mentioned when the term “the greatest designer of the 20th century” is thrown around, and she was a Leo, too.

Leos inspire hero worship.  There’s no other way to say it.


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