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Notes on a New Moon

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Last night’s new moon in Leo marked a great time to begin work on your ego.  Focus on whatever is going to feed your ego for the next couple of weeks, whether that’s a new exercise regime, a healthier diet or more disciplined skin care.  Also, think about a dramatic change of hairstyle, but avoid coloring and other chemical processes for about two weeks.

In southern latitudes it’s winter, and the bodies of people living in those latitudes are not creating their own vitamin D.  Think about adding a vitamin D supplement to your diet this time of year.  For those of us in northern latitudes, getting into the habit now wouldn’t be such a bad thing so that we’re ready when winter arrives.  Leo relates to skin, hair, nails, the heart and the back.  Vitamin D deficiency can have a devastating impact upon bone health, cardiovascular systems, and hair and skin health.

On a less-technical note, the Leo new moon is a great time to add some panache to your wardrobe.  Forget all the “rules” for fall that are plastered across the September issues of the fashion magazines.  This is the time to write your own rules.  This is when you’ll get away with it!


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