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Gene Kelly

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Gene Kelly

I’m intrigued by Gene Kelly’s natal chart.  Because he was born in 1912, I’m suspicious of the birth time that many astrologers use to construct his chart.  Whenever someone tells me “I was born at seven in the morning,” I say “No, I need your exact birth time.”  I just assume that they’ve given me an estimation of their time of birth because no one recorded the actual time, and their somewhat distracted mothers and fathers remember that it was “around seven in the morning.”

Yet looking at Gene Kelly’s chart, the 7:00 AM birthtime explains everything about the man.  With his sun in Leo he had the innate charisma to become an icon in his profession.  But with his Venus, Mars and ascendant in Virgo (and a Capricorn moon) it’s easy to see why he was known as a notorious perfectionist who worked his fellow actors until they were ready to drop dead.  Debbie Reynolds once said “‘Singin’ in the Rain‘ and childbirth were the two hardest things I ever had to do in my life.”

What you see on the screen, however, appears as if it was the most effortless thing ever put on film.  There’s not a single glitch in the movie, or one moment where an actor’s face shows how hard they’re really working during Kelly’s dance sequences.  It’s truly the work of a perfectionist.  Still, I can see that Kelly definitely had the charm and warmth we associate with his sun sign.  Without a little Leo in him, Kelly’s perfectionism would probably have left audiences feeling a little cold.


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