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Full Moon Fever

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Full Moon

Today’s full moon in Pisces should make for an interesting afternoon.  Pisces is often considered to be an irrational sign, and the full moon is regarded as an irrational time.  So what does that mean for you?


It’s really not that bad, but it’s no time to shop and certainly a terrible time for surgical cosmetic procedures or hair treatments involving harsh chemicals.

Just sit back and give yourself a day or two to get used to this big change in astrological weather.  The sun just moved into Virgo — the least self-aware sign in the zodiac.  With a bunch of retrograde planets in the sky (a few of which are hovering around house cusps) a clearer picture of where you want to take your look will emerge in the next couple of months.

On a side note, the current sky does not bode well for the upcoming S/S 2011 fashion shows.  Only the most-perceptive designers are going to see themselves move into a new era of fashion.  Others might be designing themselves right out of the business.


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