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Tom Ford

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Tom Ford

When I wrote my book, Tom Ford was still designing for Gucci.  For that reason, I made Gucci a Capricorn label.  I’ve often claimed that some of the best designers create clothing that suits the style of the sign of their solar fifth house.  The fifth house rules over matters such as romance and artistic expression, so it makes sense that in a business that aspires to make people more attractive to each other, the fifth house would be incorporated into my theories about fashion and astrology.

Ford also has Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, and he has about a 75% chance of having his moon in Pisces (I’m not sure about his birth time so I can only play the odds).  I believe he probably does have a Pisces moon because Pisces-influenced individuals are naturally drawn to Capricorns since they provide a stabilizing influence in their lives.  Everything points to Capricorn influences in Ford’s chart.

However, there is one thing that defines Tom Ford as a Virgo, and I’m not talking about his notorious perfectionism (which applied toward his career makes him seem even more like a textbook Capricorn to me).  I’m talking about his sleep habits.  Ford has admitted that he only sleeps four hours a night.  When I read that in an interview, the designer also admitted that he would like to sleep more.  Now this revelation came from a Virgo who has dealt with substance abuse issues.  That only leads me to one conclusion: Like most Virgo individuals, Tom Ford has a difficult time shutting his brain down.

Virgos tend to internalize everything.  Their minds just go and go and go.  Luckily, Tom Ford sought professional help for his problems and he can get by on four hours of sleep a night without going crazy.  His fellow Virgo, Michael Jackson, wasn’t so lucky.

So for all the Capricorn traits and Capricorn-loving traits he shows in his chart, he’s got the Virgo thing down pretty good.  But like anyone else, there’s a lot more to this man than just his sun sign.

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