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Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson

Like Tom Ford, whom I discussed a couple of days ago, Michael Jackson has a Virgo sun and a Pisces moon (there’s a slight chance Ford’s moon could be in Aries, but I doubt it).  I mentioned that Ford has admitted that he has problems sleeping more than a few hours, and that he’s dealt with substance abuse issues in the past.  I don’t know for sure if there’s a relationship between those two things, but reason tells me there is.  Virgos have a hard enough time shutting down their neurotic brains at night.  The Pisces influence just adds a dash of irrationality to that mix, making the situation more difficult to control without the use of mood-altering substances.

Today’s birthday boy, Michael Jackson, knew that better than anyone else.  In fact, he died after being injected with an anesthetic he needed to get some sleep.  As someone who sleeps like I’m dead, I can sympathize with these guys who self-medicate in order to get a good night’s sleep.  I’ve got a cold, and I just slept nine-and-a-half hours.  Now I’m on my way to the gym because I feel like I’ve been invited to rejoin the ranks of the living.  And I look way better than I did last night.

Being able to get a good night’s sleep is probably the single most important contributor to beauty.  I know too many Virgos in my real life who can’t figure that out.  A few have resorted to self-medicating with disastrous results (one even following in the footsteps of Michael Jackson).  If poor sleep habits are affecting not only your looks, but also your behavior, get some help — and I don’t mean the kind of help that comes in a bottle.


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August 29, 2010 at 9:04 am

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