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Valerie Perrine

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Can’t Stop the Music

Yesterday, while I was trying to publish this post, WordPress was acting up.  So I’m back today to discuss yesterday’s birthday girl and the star of the worst movie I’ve ever seen (see above), Valerie Perrine.

Something sort of strange occured to me while I was searching celebrity birthdays for a suitable Virgo star to profile.  I realized that some of the most famous natural breasts in Hollywood belong to Virgo women.  I’ve already discussed Sophia Loren and Salma Hayek (whose “natural” status is a matter for speculation).  Back in 1973, Perrine was the first woman to intentionally bare her breasts on television.  With such a great rack, who could blame her?

That got me thinking about my designation of Cancer as “the boob sign.”  Of course, Cancer rules over the breasts, so it technically is the boob sign.  Yet some of the most famous fake boobs in show business belong to Cancer women while some of the most famous natural breasts belong to Virgos.

Weird, huh?  It’s something I need to think about.


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September 4, 2010 at 9:43 am

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