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Laura Ashley

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Laura Ashley

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I don’t expect fashion designers to design in the style of their sun sign.  I expect them to exhibit characteristics of their sun sign, but several other planetary influences seem to dictate the style of the woman (or man) for whom they design.  For instance, Laura Ashley shares her sun sign with Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld.  They aren’t exactly courting the same clientele!

Anyway, Laura Ashley is today’s birthday girl.  The most interesting thing about Laura Ashley is that the woman herself became associated with botanical prints — especially small-scale florals.  I don’t see a lot of Virgo influence in the overall aesthetic of Ashley’s classic work (forget about the company that bears her name today because it resembles Ralph Lauren as seen through the eyes of a Briton more than anything else).  I do see Virgo characteristics in Ashley’s classic prints.

Virgos can be exceptionally organized, to the point where others would accuse them of having Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.  They want order in their external world because their internal world can be quite a mess.  Ashley imposed order on the plant kingdom by reproducing images of it in small-scale, repetitive prints.  This was classic Virgo behavior.

I wouldn’t associate floral prints with the Virgo aesthetic unless they had the mathematical repetition of Ashley’s classic prints.  When the floral design begins to take on an abstract quality, resembling houndstooth or small-scale plaids, then it becomes a typical Virgo pattern.  In her most classic work — the sort of work that I associate with the designer during her lifetime — those designs were her signature.  Creating a counterpoint of order to the chaotic inner world within their heads is the destiny of all Virgos.  Whether or not they meet their destiny is another matter altogether.


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