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Karl Lagerfeld

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Karl Lagerfeld

Another Friday got away from me.  I need to get out of bed an hour earlier or I’m never going to get to this blog on time!

Anyway, the birthday boy for September 10 is Karl Lagerfeld.  Now Karl is best-known as the creative force behind Chanel: A label that I would not describe as a Virgo label.  Chanel embodies the mercurial spirit of fashion itself, which is really a Gemini trait.  Yet Karl is the ideal employee, which is a typical Virgo quality.  Both signs are ruled by Mercury, but fashion, like Gemini, deals with the external world.  Virgo internalizes Mercury’s influence.  Hence the busy minds that keep many Virgo individuals awake at night.

Karl’s various signature labels have always reflected his personality more accurately.  At heart he’s a minimalist, with a refined intellect, an eye for detail and a disdain for the naivete that can define Gemini style.  Under his own name, he doesn’t design clothes for kids.  Working for Chanel, however, he designs anything and everything that he can to keep the name of Coco Chanel synonymous with the swift-moving spirit of fashion.

I do find Lagerfeld’s signature lines to be more in-tune with my aesthetic, but that figures because I’m a Capricorn.  Chanel can get a little too precious for me sometimes, and the couture line is just too over-the-top to appeal to my sensibilities.  I also dislike the mixed-messages the brand sends to consumers — the scattered style of Gemini just isn’t my style.  Give me the strong statement of Lagerfeld any day.  It’s too bad that the designer’s signature brand sort of toils away in obscurity.  It really is a terrific label, and a credit to the man whose name is better known as the brains behind someone else’s brand.


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