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Jennifer Hudson

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Jennifer Hudson

The sign of Virgo corresponds with the sixth house and matters of health and wellness.  For that reason, it figures that a lot of Virgos go out of their way to advocate a healthy lifestyle.  It also figures that with no capacity for self-reflection, many Virgos have to hit rock bottom before they realize how their behavior is affecting their health.

Today’s birthday girl, Jennifer Hudson, is currently the poster girl for Weight Watchers — and deservedly so.  To step into her spokesperson role, she lost a ton of weight.  But it took a heavy dose of both joy and tragedy to make Jennifer realize how she needed to become an advocate for her own well-being.

Nothing comes easy for Virgos — the sixth house also corresponds to hard work — and they really have to work at being healthy and avoiding behavior that compromises their health.  Just backtrack through the twenty or so Virgos I’ve profiled over the past three weeks and you’ll find alcoholics, anorexics, people with sleep disorders, drug addicts, etc.  Perhaps Jennifer Hudson was one of those people who used food as her drug of choice.  In any case, she’s dealing with her demons and she looks gorgeous.  Good for her!


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