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Carmen Kass

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Carmen Kass

Today’s birthday girl, supermodel Carmen Kass, experienced her breakout season at about the same time as the Brazilian bombshells began to rule the runway.  She was the proverbial “blank slate”; editors and photographers adored her because it was easy to make her into any woman they wanted her to be.  Yet it soon became apparent that this perfect-but-plain girl was more than just great skin and good angles.  When she stepped on the runway, those Brazilian babes had to take a step back.  Carmen Kass was as sexy in motion as any other girl in the business.

For that reason, Kass became the workhorse of several editors and designers.  Like her fellow Virgo, Coco Rocha, she was known as the most-dependable model in the fashion industry — the girl who made everyone around her look good.  I suppose that’s what Virgos do best: They make themselves indispensible through their service to others, even when it means that the credit goes to someone else.

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September 14, 2010 at 8:37 am

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