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Heidi Montag

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Heidi Montag

I don’t even know where to begin with today’s birthday girl, Heidi Montag.  When the sun was in Taurus, I spent a whole month providing examples of Taurus individuals who have had bad cosmetic surgery.  When the sun was in Cancer, I spent four weeks discussing Cancer women with big boobs.  Montag is neither a Taurus nor a Cancer, and neither of those signs have much influence in her natal chart.  So what am I supposed to make of her?

Well, she is a Virgo, like Michael Jackson.  In some ways her ridiculous adventures in surgical enhancement resemble his because they both ended up looking far worse than when they began.  But I don’t believe Heidi Montag has vulnerability defining her natal chart like Michael Jackson did.  His was a tough chart; the guy was as soft on the inside as anyone who ever walked upon the earth.  Montag’s isn’t so bad.  In fact, the lack of self-reflective qualities I often associate with the sign of Virgo isn’t really there.  She knows what she’s doing.

A favorably-aspected Mars in Capricorn gives her a sense of purpose and self-preservation that most Virgos would kill to possess.  I suppose her Aquarius moon is somewhat responsible for her earnestness to appeal to the masses.  She’s also got a conjunction of Venus and Pluto in Scorpio, the sign associated with transformation and surgery in general.  With Mercury in Libra, she’s a little wishy-washy, though.  She’s actually been talking about having her gigantic, fake breasts downgraded.  Go figure!


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