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Lauren Bacall

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Lauren Bacall

It makes sense that today’s birthday girl, Lauren Bacall, played the brainy ringleader of the golddigging trio in “How to Marry a Millionaire.”  With three of the four mutable signs represented in the film’s all-star line-up, the women were definitely cast to play close to type.

As I already mentioned, Bacall was the brains of the operation.  Of course she was — she’s the Virgo!  Gemini Marilyn Monroe played the flighty ditz, which wasn’t much of stretch for the actress.  Sagittarius Betty Grable played the spunky gal with grand ambitions.  Again, it wasn’t much of a stretch.

In this scenario, it was only natural for the Virgo to take the lead.  The Sagittarius might have tried to lead at first, but probably would have been distracted by her own needs.  The same goes for the Gemini.  In fact, if there was a Pisces in the mix (the other mutable sign), she also would have deferred to the Virgo.

I’ve mentioned before that Virgos make the best employees and teammates, but often make terrible leaders.  In this scenario, the opposite is true.  That’s the problem with people born under mutable signs: They waffle until someone else steps into a leadership role, and their chance to lead is gone.  Without supporting planets or strong natals aspects in their charts to endow leadership qualities, they can be quite wishy-washy.  Forced to lead, the Virgo would lead, but only because of practical concerns rather than a genuine affinity for the role.


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