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Eugenia Volodina

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Eugenia Volodina

September 17th’s birthday girl is Eugenia Volodina.  The first thing that I thought of when I saw this photo of her is that the only YSL cosmetic model who immediately comes to my mind is Coco Rocha, who is also a Virgo.  Now that doesn’t exactly make a convincing argument that beauty models should be Virgos, but it does bring to mind the idea that Virgo represents perfection and perfectionism.

I don’t imagine a model with an imperfect face getting a lot of beauty work — Christy Turlington aside (she knew how to work that wonky eye).  I do, however, imagine that a Virgo with obvious imperfections or a distinct lack of symmetry in her countenance wouldn’t pursue a career in modeling in the first place.  No one is as hard on themselves as a Virgo when in it comes to minor flaws.  I can imagine a Virgo model with a career like Claudia Schiffer having a difficult time looking at her own photos without being hypercritical of her (often imagined) shortcomings.

On that note, Eugenia Volodina has the most perfect lips.  I wonder if she realizes it, or if she finds something to obsess over when she looks in the mirror?


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