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I don’t believe that there was anything particularly Virgo-like about Twiggy at the height of her modeling career.  In fact, the look that made her famous was something I’d readily associate with the sign of Gemini.  So it’s interesting to note that the girl who represented the era got her iconic short haircut in January 1966.  Jupiter, the planet connected with the prevailing trends in fashion, was in Gemini at that time — I know that because I was born in January 1966.

Twiggy’s look was such a departure from the norm that she’s earned a place in pop culture history simply by being different.  Yet all she really did was lend a face to a shift in pop culture.  Kate Moss did the same thing in 1990 when Jupiter was in Gemini, too.  While many models actually represent the aesthetics of their own sun sign, the best of the best usually represent the ideals of their entire generation.  In both of these women, I see the Gemini influence that not only launched their careers, but also the Mercurial influence that tends to define the world of fashion itself.


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