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Parvati Shallow

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Parvati Shallow

Today’s birthday girl is three-time “Survivor” contestant Parvati Shallow.

Yesterday I mentioned that Parvati is my favorite “Survivor” contestant of all time.  It didn’t start out that way.  In her first season, I found her flirting strategy to be a little annoying.  During her second season, however, she won me over with her combination of earthiness and cunning.  By her third season, no one on the island played a more intriguing game.  You could virtually see the wheels turning in her head every time she had a conversation with a fellow castaway.

I usually don’t root for the dummies, and Parvati was anything but dumb.  Virgo individuals should take pride in their ability to analyze a situation and act accordingly.  Yet they learn on their feet.  Parvati may have been a little green in her first season of the show, but by her third season she knew exactly what she had to do to get to the finale.  She may have lost in the end, but that had less to do with her gameplay and more to do with the bitterness of her castmates.  It can be tough to admit that you’ve been had, and Parvati had everyone on that island.


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