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Julie Andrews

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Julie Andrews

Like yesterday’s birthday girl, Deborah Kerr, Julie Andrews is always going to be associated with the iconic film roles she played.  However, today’s birthday girl has become known for playing a wider variety of characters during her career, including the title role in “Victor/Victoria.”

Now I’ve described Kerr as possessing grace, beauty and elegance.  I would use the same words to describe Julie Andrews.  Yet I’d also like to point out how well she can wear a whole face full of makeup.  As I’ve discussed the sign of Libra, this is something that I keep coming back to because there is a high-maintenance quality to this sign.  One thing I haven’t mentioned, though, is that Libra is essentially a masculine sign with a very feminine ruling planet.  There can be something a little boyish about a Libra woman without a face full of makeup.  Perhaps this is why we don’t see a lot of Libra women who go out in public au naturel.

I’ll try to provide a few examples before the sun moves into Scorpio.


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